Close Encounters of the Unexpected Kind

Everyone has heard and used the phrase, “It’s a small world” at some point and time in their lives. And I feel like the world gets even smaller when it comes to dating, because at some point and time we’ve all run into someone we’ve dated, and their new romantic interest.  This can be a potentially uncomfortable and in some cases, dangerous situation. But what I’ve found is that if you stay calm, cool, and collected, you’ll increase your chances of escaping the close and unexpected encounter unscathed.

While attending a function one evening with friends, I was approached by a gentleman who I didn’t recognize but was adamant that he knew me. He introduced himself and refreshed my memory of who he was and how we knew each other. We had in fact gone on a date a few months ago, and although nothing ever progressed between us, I was glad to see him again, and vice versa.

We chatted for a few minutes before he informed me he was there with a young lady, who was a mutual friend of someone I happened to be out with that night. At this point, I began to calculate how long we’d been conversing, how close were we standing to each other, and how many times he placed his hand on my back while talking to me. Not wanting to give his date the wrong impression, I excused myself to take pictures, and he returned to his date.

After our conversation, I began to wonder why he felt the need to say anything to me, especially since I didn’t notice him to begin with. But then I placed myself into his shoes, and figured he wanted to cut out any potential for the situation to be awkward for all parties involved. That and the fact he didn’t want to be rude, in case I did eventually recognize him.

At the end of the night, I was glad that he was polite enough to acknowledge me, and that his date was secure enough to not feel the need throw mean looks my way all night. I know not all encounters end this well, but I was thankful to survive my unexpected close encounter of the uncomfortable time, without experiencing much discomfort at all. So when you find yourself in a situation like this, just remember to stay cool, calm, and collected; and hopefully you too will survive your close encounter of the unexpected kind with all limbs and body parts intact.

8 thoughts on “Close Encounters of the Unexpected Kind

  1. That man wasn’t being polite, he wanted you to see that he’s got somebody and you missed out on a good thing! :-p J/k. Very nice advice.

  2. Well obviously he approached you because you were looking dashing and he was very much kicking himself in the *sack* for not progressing with you! I loved the blog, I wish more situations was less confrontational. I am used to the dirty looks! lol

    1. Lol, I did look rather cute. But I agree, I wish all situations were this easy to deal with or that all people knew how to keep a cool head and their emotions in check. Because it could have gone a completely different way.

  3. Great post! Any of the above opinions could apply. Lol You did a great job holding your own and keeping it classy. Good for you!

    Erica ‘a new subscriber now lol’
    PS thanks for reading and liking a post in my blog!!!! I appreciate it. 🙂

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