Love Junkie

I must confess, I am a love junkie, and because of my addiction, he had me at hello.

Blessed with the gift of gab, he easily lowered my defenses, even though I knew he was no good for me. Concerning the topic of his intentions, my heart and mind never could agree. Accepting his random acts of kindness helped to trap me in his web of seduction. His words pierced my heart, fracturing something that was once whole. And when the heart breaks, it doesn’t break evenly.

I needed time and space to collect myself, so I ignored his calls, trying to wing myself off the natural high; our interactions often left me feeling some kinda way. His absence sent me into withdrawal, making my yearning for him unbearable. So when he sent a text asking to see me, I accepted, sending myself into a free fall, wondering how much longer until I hit rock bottom.

Love sick, I dismissed him from my bed, but he’d already taken up residence in my head. Memories of what used to be continue to haunt me. Broken promises linger, making me wonder what could have been. But a new day brings another chance to break the hold he has on me. Down with love! That’s the motto of the brokenhearted.

It always ends the same, me saying I hate him and cursing his name. Only to start the insanity all over again under the pretense of remaining just friends. My head telling me one thing and my heart saying another. Dazed and confused by his sweet words and kind actions, I end up right back where I started.

I must confess, I am a love junkie, and because of my addiction, he had me at hello.

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