It’s Never to Late For Now

It’s Wednesday, the week is almost over, and for that I am thankful. I went to church on Sunday to recharge my batteries so to speak, and to prepare for another week. Monday was actually a pretty good day, then yesterday, for a lack of a better term, crap hit the fan. I won’t bore you with the details of my workplace drama, but what I am finding is that it’s hard to do something that you are not passionate about. So with that being said, every day I am praying and listening to God for direction. And His answer today was erase all fear and doubt, and was write, so I am.

The other day I got a notice that Black Pearls Magazine, an online magazine that I’ve written for before, is requesting short stories for Christmas with a Christian theme. The deadline to submit the story is this coming Monday, November 21st. And at first I thought, “I can’t possibly come up with a  story in a week.” There’s that pesky word “can’t” again. I had to remind myself that I’d removed that word from my vocabulary, especially when it comes to my writing.

So I asked God to send me an idea, and this morning he did. He also reminded me of a few other ideas I’d had for articles for Sisters Space, the other blog I write for. He showed me that even though my day, or week for that matter, has not been going quite how I’d planned, I still have several hours to turn it around, and make something of it.  So with that being said, I bid you adieu. And remember, it’s never too late for now.

3 thoughts on “It’s Never to Late For Now

  1. Ariel, that’s fantastic! I firmly believe when you do what you were created to do (in your case, WRITE!), God will bless you with time, inspirations, and opportunities.
    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Molly! I also enjoyed your post the other day about looking about blogging as your job. It truly inspired me and I know I need to find more time to write. And thank you for your words of encouragements.

  2. Thanks Ariel for the reminder… It takes me back to sitting in your mommy’s classroom and how she would make me redo assignments because she knew I would bs them or give less than my best.. and I would tell her that I CANT do this or that.. but all in all.. she knew that I was being LAZY and COMPLACENT in knowing that I can get away with bs-ing work and still pull a “B” out of class instead of working for all A’s. I am grateful for this post because reading it lets me know that I am NOT the only one who is facing workplace challenges, lack of passion/pleasure in work and in need of something MORE!! Write Ariel… WRITE…

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