When opportunity knocks

The past week has been a bit hectic and I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed. I haven’t written a new article for Sisters Space in God knows how long, and just got an email about another opportunity to write for another collaborative blog. And on top of that, I’m entering a writing contest this month, and would like to come up with an original story as one of my entrances. I don’t know why but I feel like I’d be cheating if I submit some of the stories I’ve already written. Crazy, right?

The only thing that I seem to be doing rather well is posting to my blog once a week, and submitting articles to for my dating advice column, which in itself is no small feat. So, I asked myself what would I tell a friend who came to me and needed some advice on the things that I’ve been dealing with the way I’ve been feeling. I would tell them to heck with writing a new story, because the ones you’ve written are good enough. And as far as writing for the new blog, I am excited about the new opportunity, and the possibilities that comes along with it.

In between working, having a social life, and finding time to write, life can get a little complicated. But I refuse to let anything stop me from pursuing my dreams and realizing my personal legend. So when opportunity knocks, not only will I answer it, I’ll do it with a smile.

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