Why I believe my family should have a reality television show

It seems to me that everyone has a reality t.v. series now a days for doing absolutely nothing but living their normal everyday lives. So with that being the case, I strongly believe that my family and I deserve a show of our own. Ok, so we may not be millionaires, or own a chain of fabulous hotels like the Hilton’s. But I have several relatives who have worked in the hospitality industry before, and have met some really famous people.That’s gotta count for something, right?

Well if that argument didn’t win you over, how about this one. My parents didn’t have sextuplets like the John and Kate, but somehow they managed raise all four of us girls and put us all through college, all while making it look easy. I mean seriously, can you imagine putting four people through college? And it was any college of our choosing. One went to an ivy league, another to a private school, I went an HBCU, and our oldest sister, well she went to four different colleges, but nevertheless she graduated which is all that really matters. I know you must be thinking, big whoop, but trust me, that is nothing to scoff at.

For my final and most compelling reason, even though none of us can sing like Toni Braxton, our family is just as normal as hers. She has 3 sisters, well so do I. We sit around and talk and laugh just like they do. I don’t know why our parent’s didn’t get us singing lessons. It was all about what we wanted to do, what sports we wanted to play, or what dance classes we were interested in.Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if they had made me stick with ballet, or pushed us harder with our tennis lessons, but I digress.

My family really is pretty amazing. You should see how people’s faces light up when my father and his brother walk into a room. They make friends wherever they go. This year we went on a cruise, it was about 50 of us, and we ran the ship. Our cousin Manny was the king of karaoke! And our cousin Jermaine, people flocked to him because he’s just so cool.Women swooned and even ditched their companions just because he smiles at them.

So what we don’t have any arrest records, or sex tapes floating around out there, or none of us are married to famous athletes, and we may not be socialites, although my cousins have been known to talk their way into many VIP sections, what we do have are doctors, lawyers, nurses, educators, business people, and even chefs. And that’s just to name a few of the professions in our family. And I believe that when you add all of that up, you’ll see that we really do have star power. And if you really need drama, then occasionally someone from our mother’s side of the family can make a guest appearance. But that’s a story for another time. So, I hope you now to see why my family deserves a reality show, and if not, then you’re in denial because we are awesome, just ask anyone who knows us.

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