Strike while the iron is hot

I’m learning how to use all the things around me to write when inspiration finds me.  Earlier this week I got an idea for a short story which I kept brushing off, but the characters kept begging me to tell their story. And since I knew they would soon begin to haunt me in my sleep, I gave in and started on a piece entitled: Stealing Joy. I’ve only written a few notes, but I know the gist of how I want the story to unfold, and will start writing it tomorrow.

Then today, while on my way to the movies, I got an idea for another story, which I’m thinking about possibly writing as a script for a movie, and I jotted down some ideas using my phone. That was the first time I’ve ever used the notes option on my phone, which made me hate my phone a little bit less today lol. And I used it a second time when I woke up after my nap and got the urge to write a poem, which I will post shortly. So from now on, I will be putting my pen to paper whenever the feeling moves me, and strike while the iron is hot.

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