It could all be so simple

In my last blog post, Finding love and blueberry bagels, I mentioned how I’ve been sensing God in everything that I do. And one of the examples that I gave, was the untangling of my necklaces and earrings that tend to wrapped up in one another since I don’t have a proper jewelry box to keep them in. One day I was getting ready for work and I was having the hardest time with pulling my necklaces and earring apart. I stopped struggling and I told God that I need his help, especially since I was running late and after I did that, my necklaces and earrings instantly unraveled. Needless to say I was amazed, and then it hit me, it could all be so simple if we just let God do what he does best, which is take care of us.

So often we try to handle things on our own, and we don’t ask for Him for help until it’s too late, or sometimes not at all. And because of that, our lives can get a bit tangled and complicated. No one wants to struggle through life, and I’m not saying that it will always be a cake walk or an easy fix, but everything doesn’t always have to be complicated. He will give you the answers to your questions and problems, all you have to is just ask, being willing to listen, and then follow his instructions.

From my heart to yours,


2 thoughts on “It could all be so simple

  1. Ariel,
    I love the simplicity of this parable. It’s so true! We make such a big deal out of what we give (or keep) from God; when it really is as simple as saying, “Help.”
    Well written. Keep writing!

    1. The funny thing is that he sees everything whether we admit or not. He shows me something new every day, and for that I am thankful. -original message- Subject: [frommyheart2urs] Comment: “It could all be so simple”

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