A Kiss Is A Kiss, Except When It Isn’t

When doesn’t a kiss count?

I had a very interesting conversation on the topic regarding the legitimacy of the “drunken kiss”. The debate was whether or not the kiss should be counted as a real kiss or should it be disregarded as though it never happened, since it took place under the “influence.” Seeing as how we disagreed, me believing that it should count, and the other party believing it shouldn’t, I had to take this quandary to the streets, i.e. Facebook, where I received a lot of mixed answers as well.

The mixed answers themselves were no surprise, but what did surprise me is that the majority of men who answered my question, sided with ME! They believed that the kiss should count, even though liquid courage played a part in the equation, whereas most of the women said it shouldn’t count because a drunken kiss doesn’t have any meaning behind it.

Now, we all know that woman think with their emotions and our male counterparts tend too be more logical about things, so a part of me could see why the men said it would count. To most of them, I believe kiss is just a kiss, but for a woman, for a kiss to be counted, it has to mean something. But who’s to say there can’t be meaning behind a drunken kiss? Sometimes the alcohol gives you the extra oomph you need to finally make the move you’ve been contemplating making all night long.

In that moment, you wanted to kiss that person. Sure it may not lead to a relationship or ever happen again, but that shouldn’t down play the fact that it happened. Another reason why I think most of the women said no, is because it can often times be embarrassing to be that “couple” at the bar that’s making out as though no one else is around. My friends and I have often made fun of that couple, so I understand why they wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of our jokes. I also believe that women wouldn’t want it to count because they don’t want to be seen as women behaving badly. Let’s face it the world has a whole different set of rules for men and women when it comes to expressing sexuality.

I say if you kiss someone when you’ve had a little too much to drink, but can still remember that person’s name the next day, bottom line, it counts. I’d love to hear some more opinions though, so comments are strongly encouraged.

As always, this is from my heart to yours.


7 thoughts on “A Kiss Is A Kiss, Except When It Isn’t

  1. Drunk kisses count… unless its just a random person you walk up to.
    Now, if you kiss someone who you KNOW.. then I think alcohol just heightened what you usually wanted to do… ? Maybe its just me.

    Love the post regardless. 🙂

    1. Thanks! And I love your exception, good to know if I walk up and kiss a really attractive guy, it won’t actually count, as long as I keep walking afterwards, lol.

  2. The separation in male VS female responses was intriguing. Typically, women are more emotioanlly-driven and thus the lack of meaning discredits its relevance. I take that and apply it to the notion that it is said that when giving “body counts,” women tend to report less while men report more than the actual number. Last weekend, a group of educated women were discussing their number of lovers and there was an equation for eliminating men whom had actually entered their cave of wonders from the list that is reported: “If he was small or wasn’t good it doesn’t count. Only count drunk sex if it was good sex that acted as a sober mind’s curiosity satisfier.” Hmm…

    1. That is quite interesting. I love the exceptions that people give for what does and doesn’t count. One of my girlfriends said that oral sex shouldn’t count, however I beg to differ. And I think women often give lower numbers because men can’t handle the truth. -original message- Subject: [frommyheart2urs] Comment: “A Kiss Is A Kiss, Except When It Isn’t”

  3. Oh well I’m w/ your homegirls on that one – head is head, sex is sex ::shrug:: LoL See, that’s MY version of celibacy: we can exchange services but penis to vagina contact is off limits (unless you just want to feel him rub against her, but no entering). Won’t we justify ourselves? LoL

    1. Lmbo! I have no comment for that one, smh.

      -original message- Subject: [frommyheart2urs] Comment: “A Kiss Is A Kiss, Except When It Isn’t”

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