A word I could live without


A couple of months ago I wrote a blog about how I am determined to remove the word can’t from my vocabulary. and it is truly a word I could live without. However, getting rid of the the word I dare not mention again, is proving to be more difficult than I expected.  Not only do I have to change my mindset daily, but sometimes it is hourly.  Every time I say I can’t, I quickly repeat to myself that I can and continue to chant that one word until I feel my anxiety level lower.

Despite all I have accomplished and what I know and believe God has in store for me, doubts still creep in every now and then. But I will conquer my fears and keep moving forward, because that’s what life is all about. If your not progressing, then you’re standing still, watching life pass you by.  And that is not how God intended us to live. So to whomever, know that the bottom line is that we can, because we have too and that failure is not an option.  Sure we may hit some bumps in the road, but nothing is impossible if we only just believe.

From my heart to yours,


4 thoughts on “A word I could live without

    1. Amen to that friend!

      -original message- Subject: [frommyheart2urs] Comment: “A word I could live without”

    1. Thanks! I really do have to remind myself that I have to keep moving forward, no matter how stuck I feel at times.

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