In Repair

I’m in repair, which is not something that I often share

Every night I say a prayer

That my heart is returned to me

So that I can be free of you

You invade my dreams without permission

Only to return to her once you’ve had your fun

I know she has your heart, so I continue to play my part

Being whatever it is that you need me to be

But if only my heart could see the reality

Instead of focusing on what could be

It refuses too and remains stuck in a fantasy

My mind says one thing, while my heart does another

Those two often disagree

But one thing that I am sure of, is that I’m in repair

I’m one step closer to being whole again

Tomorrow I will love you a little bit less

So tonight I will rest easy while my heart continues to mend

Because even though my heart hurts

My mind knows we’re better off as friends

2 thoughts on “In Repair

  1. I really liked this. I typed out several comment/replies, but none were good enough. So, I just really liked this.

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