Just Say No

Eyes lock from across the room

He smiles, causing you to swoon

Drinks are purchased increasing the flirtation

You’ve never seen a man so beautiful

So when he promises you a night of unbridled passion

You throw caution to wind because you’re single

And he’s more than ready to mingle

He’ll be your mister right, at least for the night

You convince yourself that a one night stand

Is better than never knowing the taste of his tongue

Or the touch of his hand

And at least you’ll have the memory, right?

But what you forget is that memories fade

And that sexually transmitted diseases can kill

I beg you to remember that next time you’re looking for a thrill

You claim to be sexually liberated

Therefore you feel you can share your body

With some random guy at the bar

But trust me when I say that, you’re really taking it too far

To truly be free, is to be in control of your desires

Ignore his pleas of ecstasy when he says that his love can take you higher

Because at the end of the day, that kind of high fades

All you’ll remember is that you got vd from him

It sounded good when he said just go with the flow

But from next time around, just say no

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