We’ve got a groovy kind of love

About a month ago during one of my talks with God, I confessed that I’d been feeling a bit down and out of sorts. It’s been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster with the whole job search and trying to figure out my next step to advance my writing career, plus becoming somewhat of a social shut in has also taken it’s toll. I say social shut in because I only get to see and interact with other people during the weekend lol. So the minimal human contact had me kinda down and I asked God to send some love my way.

Its funny when we ask God for things, we have it all made out in our mind how He should deliver the answer to our prayers, and despite our preconceived notions, he always manages to surprise us, at least he always surprises me. He sent so much love from family and friendsthat it overwhelms me just sitting here writing about it. I promise you that the very next day I received text messages and phone calls from friends I hadn’t spoken with in months, and even set up a dinner date with a friend who’d just moved back into town. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Last month my sister and I went to Philly to celebrate a friend’s 30th bday. People came from as far as California to celebrate his life and his accomplishments. The entire weekend was filled with love that it over flowed onto everyone who participated in the festivities and I’d like to think I got a few new friends out of the amazing experience.

To bring this full circle, God and I truly have a groovy kind of love and for that I am thankful. He answers my prayers in ways that I never even imagined. This is truly going to be the best summer ever as I have two more trips planned with my family who has supported me and shown me love during my time of need, more than I feel that I deserve, but for that I am also grateful. I look forward to repaying them with lavish parties when I make it to Hollywood.

So next time you’re feeling low, know that all you have to do is ask from some love to be thrown your way and watch how the universe responds by wrapping you in love and reminding you that it is constantly surrounding us. All we have to do, is open our hearts and let it in.

From my heart to yours,


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