Dream House

“I never would have bought this house if I had known that William had been the previous owner,” Karen said taking a swig from the bottle of wine she’d been nursing for the past hour. It was actually her second bottle, but given the circumstances, one just didn’t seem to be enough to dull her heartache.

“I know, what are the odds that you would buy the house of the man who left you at the altar?” asked Michelle, taking the bottle of wine from Karen and taking a sip from it too.

“Of course my dream house would be somewhere that he used to live.” Karen stumbled to her feet and began to walk around the spacious living room. “We’d talked about it hundreds of times. What our house would look like. And for the past three years, he’s been living our dream!” she yelled at the top of her lungs, as she fell back to the floor. “My dream,” she said softly as she began to sob.

“Hey, don’t you do that,” Michelle said, crawling over to her, allowing Karen to place her head in her lap. “It’s been five years, and you are in a good place right now.” Michelle began to stroke her sister’s hair, hoping to calm her. “You have an amazing career, which is why you were able to buy this house. He on the other hand, is living back at home with his mother,” she said laughing at the thought of William sleeping in a twin bed in his childhood room.

“He’s such a loser,” Karen said as she wiped her face with her arm. “But he was my loser and I loved him.” It had been almost five years since she’d been left at the altar. He called off the wedding by sending out a mass text message to her and their guest, asking them to forgive him because he couldn’t go through with the wedding. She could still hear everyone’s cell phones buzzing and people looking at her with such pity in their eyes as they read the message.

“I told you back then that he wasn’t right for you.” Michelle had never liked William. He’d always seemed flaky to her. One minute he’d be the perfect boyfriend and then the next he’d disappear and wouldn’t be heard from for days. And when she’d finally convinced her sister to leave him, he proposed and promised he would be a better husband than he was a boyfriend.

“Do you think he lived here with her?” Karen could never bring herself to say the name of the woman that he’d left her for, even after all this time.

Michelle had always been honest with her sister and she didn’t plan on stopping now.

“Probably so, but it’s your house now, and that’s all that matters,” Michelle said, trying to change the subject. “My baby sister is a homeowner. And I couldn’t be more proud of you.”

“Thanks Shelly.” Karen sat up and began to look around the house again. “It is a beautiful home, isn’t it?” Michelle shook her head in agreement.

“Did you know there is a fireplace in the master bedroom?”  Karen picked up the wine bottle and stood to her feet. “Come on, let’s go see it.” She held out her hand, so she could help Michelle up as well. “And a shower and a bath tub. Because I liked taking showers, and he liked taking bathes.”

“Enough talk about him. Let’s talk about how we are going to decorate. I say we go and spend a ridiculous amount of money on furniture and turn this into your new dream home. You had a life and dreams before him, and it’s time you remember that.”

“I know. I just need some closure, and after tomorrow I will finally have some.” Karen smiled half heartedly.

“I can’t believe you agreed to have lunch with him,” Michelle said in a disapproving tone. “Just don’t let him worm his way back into your life.

“No worries. I have a plan. I am going to crush him, just like he crushed me. You should have heard him on the phone, talking about how much he loved this house, and how much he’s going to miss living here.” Karen laughed as she took a long sip from her wine bottle. “That’s why tomorrow, I am setting it on fire.”

2 thoughts on “Dream House

  1. I had to figure out my thoughts on this one lol…I’m waiting for more..she better not burn that house down ( from what I can imagine is big and beautiful) she better live happily!! Can’t wait to see whats next!! Lol

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