While waiting for you

Have you ever wished that you’d kept a notebook of things that you wanted your future wife/husband to know about you? Well I’ve decided to create a blog which is dedicated to my future husband, and it’s entitled, while waiting for you. I’ve only written a few post on there, but definitely plan to write more and catalog my journey through life and love while waiting to be found by him. I want him to know that he’s thought of and prayed for daily, and how truly loved he was before I even met him. I plan on enjoying this without him and working on myself so that I will be ready for him when he comes along. Until then, I’ll be waiting. 🙂

2 thoughts on “While waiting for you

  1. Great idea! One of my best friends did something similar. She began journaling to her future husband and shortly after he found her. Her journal was presented to him as his wedding gift from her! I loved the idea so much, I began journaling to my future husband. Your blog is an amazing idea…looking forward to it! :0)

    1. That is a beautiful story Shakira!!! I think I may turn it into a book and steal your friend’s idea lol. And as always, thanks for the support!

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