5 Signs you’re dealing with a hater


Tonight, I’m going to share with you five sure ways to spot a hater, because sometimes, you just want to be sure that it really is them trippin’ and not you. I overheard a very interesting, or better yet annoying conversation while at dinner tonight. I was sitting at the bar next to three young men who were discussing different music artist currently in the industry. Two of the artists in particular are very high on my list, and I defended the third one as well since I saw him in concert and enjoyed it. The artists being discussed were, Trey Songz, Frank Ocean and Miguel. And from what I gathered, they too seemed to be aspiring singers who were just waiting on their big break.

The young man sitting closest to me kept stating how he felt Trey Songz latest album, Chapter 5, is not his best work. He seemed to be particularly annoyed by the song “Panty Wetter” and thought it sounded too old school. But who doesn’t love old school R&B? And furthermore, what better way to describe the delicious man that is Trey Songz, since he stirs something below, in women of all ages and sends young girls into a screaming frenzy at the mere mention of his name??? Panty wetter pretty much sums up who Trey is. I also reminded him that Trey’s target audience was women, not men, so he didn’t have to like his songs. This caused his homeboys to laugh and start cracking on him, because in their words, not mine, I’d just shut down his whole argument. He then got offended, which is the only way a hater can react when they’ve been confronted. After I said my piece, I left it alone because I could tell he was a bit embarrassed that I had the nerve to actually speak up and give my two cents. But I will share with you what I wanted to say about the other two artist if his homeboys hadn’t been egging the situation on.

So let’s now move on to Frank Ocean. Once again, the young man sitting closet too me proceeds to say that Frank Ocean messed up by telling the world about his relationship with a man. No I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed that he doesn’t play for my team since I am now in love with him after being exposed to his amazing music on Channel Orange, but what the dude doesn’t understand is that Frank’s music transcends gender! Everyone can relate to his song about unrequited love, because at some point, we’ve all had our hearts broken. So not only is he brave enough to be real about who he is, which only increased his appeal, but you can actually feel the emotions he put into his music.

Last, but not least, I really didn’t have much to say to defend Miguel other than I’d seen him in concert, and he put on a good show.

So as I headed to the movies, I wondered why he’d responded the way he did when I gave my opinion about Trey Songz and Miguel. That’s when it hit me, that he was a hater and he reacted the only way haters know how to when confronted. They become defensive and try to flip the script. I wanted everyone who may read this blog to be better prepared when dealing with a hater than I was, so here are 5 things to keep in mind.

  1. “The very first characteristic bestowed upon a hater in their pathetic land of hateration is jealousy.” I am almost certain that from listening to them ask their friend about his dating situation that none of the women he deals with refer to him as the panty wetter lol. So of course he has to hate on sexy Trey for getting all the women he knows he will never have.
  2. “The second and most common characteristic of a hater is their consistent bad remarks in response to accomplishments of others.” He talked about the artist and their albums for about 15 minutes, and what he would have done differently if he was in their shoes. But since he isn’t, his negative comments didn’t really matter. He then changed the subject after I explained why I enjoyed their music.
  3. “The third characteristic of a hater, is their ability to initiate their own competition with others throughout society, even with other’s who are unaware that they are so called competition.” He quickly became offended that I spoke up as a fan of the artist and asked me what I had done to actually support them. I admitted that I hadn’t purchased any of their CD’s but that I did see Miguel in concert and homeboys felt that was good enough and interjected on my behalf when he seemed to become emotional about my comment.
  4. “The fourth characteristic of a hater; whether female or male, is they love gossip. Regardless to the clarity of the gossip, they love it.” Frank Ocean revealing he had a relationship with a man was big news when it first came out, but it’s old news now, so he might as well let it go.
  5. “The fifth characteristic of a hater is the fact that they bask in other peoples misery. They love to see others down.” Once again, he claimed that Frank Ocean messed up his appeal to the masses by making his confession, but the way I see it, a true lover of music looks past ones sexual orientation and just hears good music.

Haters are every where. They are in our schools, at our jobs, work out in our gyms, and sometimes are our closest friends. So next time you’re engaging in a conversation or eavesdropping like myself, know if you’re dealing with a logical person, with valid reasons to feel the way they do. Or if you’re dealing with a hater, who just says crap because they love their sound of their own voice.

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