Check yourself, before you wreck yourself

Check yourself

How often do you check yourself? Let me be clear on what I mean by, “check yourself.”  I don’t mean getting checked for std’s or performing self-breast exam, which are also important; I mean, how often do you stop and say, “I’m trippin, let me re-evaluate how I’m handling this situation.” I think I probably do that at least once a week, sometimes even more depending on what I’m dealing with or thinking about at the time. And after venting to a good friend tonight about a certain “situationship,” which I thought was a friendship; I knew it was time for me to check myself, before I wrecked myself and went crazy over this particular person.

I caught myself before diving off the deep end and deleting this person’s phone number and unfriending them on Facebook, because let’s face it, that’s usually what we do in this day and age of technology lol. We erase text messages, emails, pictures, as well as try to mentally scrub away any traces of the person who has left of feeling, for lack of a better phrase, some kinda way.  But, instead, I took a deep breathe, and asked God what it was that He wanted me to do.  And His response was, “just let go. It really is just that simple.”

My response was, “I’m trying too.” And in return He told me to try harder. That I was complicating things as we often allow our emotions to do.  After going back and forth, like we often do, He forced me do dig a little bit deeper and admit some things. For instance, as a Christian, I often tell myself that God would want me to forgive the person and just move on, and continue caring for them the way that I do. But here’s the thing, that’s really just an excuse, that I, like many others, use to keep certain people person around who really aren’t good for  us and no longer add value to our lives, if they ever did at all. Therefore, before I drive myself absolutely positively crazy trying to figure out why they aren’t holding up their end of the bargain when it comes to our so called, “friendship,” I will distance myself and treat them accordingly when our paths cross again. If you’re wondering why or how that will happen, well it’s because we run int he same circles and I refuse to give up the other cool people I’ve grown to enjoy spending time with lol.

I encourage you all at least perform a monthly check of the people you keep in your circle. Are they there to encourage, support, and uplift you? Or do they hang around because they know you’d do anything for someone you called a friend? I urge you to check yourself, before you wreck yourself, and to stop holding on to the pain that people cause you, just to feel connected to them. Because in the end, we are in control of how we allow someone to treat us, as well as how we react to their behavior.

As always, this if from my heart, to yours.


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