Tales from the flirty 30 diaries: Ariel in Wonderland

I can truly say I’m enjoying this new season in my life, which I have lovingly refer to as: “the flirty 30’s.” To me, the flirty 30’s are all about embracing my flyness and sexiness. And last Halloween, I did just that.

I remember people chuckling when I told them I was going as  Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Their response usually went a little something like this: “That’s perfect! You’re so sweet and innocent.” Insert my blank stare here. Sure I might be sweet and soft-spoken, but after almost 32 years of living, I honestly doubt there is anything still very innocent about me.

So,  after hearing that response one too many times, I sprang into action! I began scouring the internet for the sexiest, but reasonably priced costume I could find and after weeks of searching, I found one on sale for half price. It was Kismet! My costume consisted of a corset, tutu, and garter belt stockings. Not only did I get to show people a different side of me, but I even surprised myself!

Like Drake said, “You only live once.” Life is way too short to always play it safe and to do what’s expected of you. Life is an adventure and that’s what Alice was all about, right? So, with that being said, I guess being Alice was perfect for me after all.

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