A shower for one please

Just Ask Ariel

Has an ex ever showed up at your place unannounced, and if so, how did you handle it? Check out this excerpt from my novel, “A Life Less Interrupted” and how Sharice handle’s it when her ex, Jamar, shows up at a very inopportune moment. Enjoy!

Teaser (Excerpt)

An hour after her run, she desperately needed a shower.  She went into the bathroom and started the shower so it would be hot by the time she was ready to get in.  Sharice turned on her stereo as she got undressed and slipped into her bathrobe.  Her phone began to ring, but she decided it could wait until after she showered.  She pulled her braids back into a ponytail and welcomed the warm water that washed over her body.  She began to sing along with the band playing on her stereo when all of a sudden she thought she heard…

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