Why I celebrate the small things in life


Today I am celebrating the small victories in life. I decided to take the day off to recuperate from an awesome, fun filled mini vacation. After hitting snooze for the 20th  time, I was up and moving around by 9 A.M., which is no small feat after only having approximately of 15-20 hours of sleep over the past 4 days. Impressive, right? But who actually has time to sleep in New Orleans?! Essence Magazine absolutely outdid themselves this year at their annual music festival. From the free seminars, to the concerts, to the vendors as well as all of the celebrity guests appearances, everything was on point!

After a peaceful nights sleep in my own bed, I washed two loads of clothes, my hair, unpacked my suitcase, reorganized my shoes, as well as emailed a client, because if you didn’t know, I do offer consulting services as a writer. Not to mention I finally signed up for a continuing education class to further my career as an insurance adjuster, and was ready to meet a friend for lunch for some quality one on one time all by noon. I couldn’t believe it! I even arrived at the restaurant five minutes early and started this blog! And after lunch, I even got my car washed instead of going home to take a nap. 

So today, I am celebrating all of the small victories, because in the end, they add up and turn into big ones. I have a few less things on my to do list this week, which means, I can enjoy what seems to be turning into another fun filled weekend up ahead. And as a reward for all that I’ve accomplished today, Netflix was thoughtful enough to alert me that season 2 of one of my favorite shows, Bitten, is now available! I’m going to try not to binge watch, but I make no promises. I hope you all are having a terrific Tuesday and no matter what you get accomplished today, big or small, make sure you find time to celebrate. Everything on your to do list doesn’t have to be done in one day. Make sure you take time to smell the roses every day, because after all, life is too short to constantly about tomorrow. 

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