How to plan the wedding of your dreams in a week

Ashley and David

Its spring time and love is in the air! Mother’s Day weekend I had the pleasure of witnessing my baby cousin, marry the love of her life. The wedding was planned in just one week and they pulled the whole thing off without a hitch! They held the ceremony on the beach and it was beautiful to say the least. The vows that they exchanged were personal and real. You could truly see and feel the love that these two share for one another.

Their wedding ceremony showed all of the guests that it doesn’t take months or years to plan a wedding. And here are tips for those future brides and grooms who may be thinking that a quickie wedding on a budget is the way to go:

  • Keep it simple. Find a company, like Affordable Weddings, that has all- inclusive packages. Their package included decorations on the beach, photos, and a preacher to perform the nuptials. An arch, a few tiki flares with ribbons, and the ocean was all that they needed. It was a breathtaking view.
  • Keep your wedding party small. Only ask people who live in the same or nearby city as you to be in the wedding. They are more likely to be able to commit to being a part of your special day. Tell them the colors you would like them to wear and let them do their own thing.
  • It’s less stressful. Granted, the bride won’t have much time to look for a wedding gown that she will only wear for one day. But hopefully she’ll find her dress with more ease since she is on a tight schedule. I believe my cousin tried on less than a handful of dresses all in one day before she found the “one.”
  • It’s less expensive. Think about all the money you will save on invitations thanks to the age of social media and advanced technology. You can create an event on Facebook or send out a mass text message to those you want to attend. Of course everyone you invite may not be able to make it on such short notice, but the ceremony really is about the bride and groom, not how many guests attend.    Another money saver to consider is that you may not have to pay for catering or a reception hall. We simply went to dinner at a nearby restaurant and had a lovely time. And as for a wedding cake, check with your favorite bakery or local supermarket. Publix makes beautiful wedding cakes that taste just as fabulous as they look.
  • It’s more intimate. Since it was such a small number of guests, we were allowed access to the bride and groom before and immediately after the ceremony. The guests were even included in the photo session with the newlyweds on the beach.

It shouldn’t matter if you get married in Paris, or in a church, or on a beach one hour away from where you live, as long as you love the person you are preparing to spend the rest of your life with. And if most marriages end in divorce due to financial issues, entering a marriage with a heap of debt from a wedding you barely had time to enjoy, is no way to begin a marriage. A wedding last for one day, but a marriage is meant to last a lifetime.

As always, this is from my heart to yours.


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