Let’s make a movie!


Lights, camera, action! I’m producing my 1st short film and need your help to make it a success. “Angela’s Awakening” follows a woman who feels as though her life is falling apart right before her eyes. After losing her job, failing at being a stay at home mom and not living up to her expectations of being the perfect wife, she loses it. Find out what happens when she cracks and is forced to deal with her reality.

We encourage one another to support black businesses but I think that we forget to support the independent black artists. With that being said, I’m asking that all of my fellow dream chasers, movers and shakers, partner with me to make this dream of mine a reality. I want this film to be a conversation piece around mental health and the importance of practicing self care, because I know firsthand how devistating depression can be if not dealt with head on.

If life begins outside of your comfort zone, then I am determined to live my life to the fullest! I’m stepping out on faith to make this dream a reality. I’ve raised $1900 so far which is exciting but I still have a ways to go. Donations start at $5 and no amount is to small. Simply click on the link, “Angela’s Awakening,” to sow a seed and watch it change the world through this film!

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