Novel: A Life Less Interrupted

A_life_less cover.jpg



Haunted by the memories of a lost love and the life she was supposed to have, Sharice is once again on the run from love. Soon she finds herself falling for a man who promises to take away all of her pain, and she wonders if it is time to stop running. But when her past begins to collide with her present, her chance for happiness begins to slip through her fingers. Faced with making the decision of a lifetime, she goes back to where it all began, hoping to find the answers that she needs and the courage to make it work with the man she loves.

Navigating the traitorous waters of dating hasn’t always been easy for Nicole. When she meets a young architect who begins to break down the wall she’s built around her heart, she wonders if she has finally found Mr. Right. But then the unexpected happens. Forced to relive a decision she made in the past, she fears her second chance at happiness and true love is just a fleeting fantasy.

Tracey has it all it all—looks, a great career, and a man who loves her. But as the impending date of their wedding grows near, she begins to develop wedding jitters. And when she meets her newest client, a handsome doctor looking to sweep Tracey off her feet, sparks begin to fly. The girls’ friendship becomes strained as each struggles with major decisions. Tracey’s long-term relationship is threatened, and Nicole suppresses the secret that could destroy her budding attachment. Will the three friends hold to each other or let the tide of troubles wash them apart? Enjoy the rapture of romance and the bonds of kinship in Ariel Driskell’s captivating novel, A Life Less Interrupted.

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