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I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. And being born and raised in Lakeland, Florida, as the third of four girls, I quickly learned the art of communication. However, it was my interest in both how the mind works and my ability to easily connect with people from all walks of life, connection to people, that led me to attend Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University where I studied psychology. With my B.S. earned, and my interest piqued, I began working professionally in the world of higher education, where I furthered my appreciation, respect and perspective on the benefits of assisting others on achieving their goals and dreams.

 Still, I consistently pursued my love of writing. In October 2012, I left Florida for Atlanta, Georgia to pursue my writing and a career in film. In 2013, I published my first novel, A Life Less Interrupted, which is available for purchase on Amazon. And in April of 2017, I wrote and produced my first short film, “Angela’s Awakening,” a riveting short film directed by Tay M. Johnson and produced by me. Talented actress Tamika Shannon (Build a Boo) stars opposite the dynamic Anthony Dalton (Barbershop: The Next Cut, The Paynes, Saints & Sinners) to portray Angela’s battle with depression. After a crushing layoff, her life spirals out of control, and Angela is willing to risk it all to find happiness again. The film was designed as conversation piece to promote awareness and elevate our community’s consciousness around issues related to mental health. 

I believe in using the art of storytelling to share my perspectives on life and love with hope and humor. It is my mission in life to make the world a better place, one story at a time.

One thought on “About Me

  1. The key to a healthy relationship, whether it be romantic or platonic in nature, can be summarized in three C’s: Communication, Consideration, Consistency. I expect nothing more but I tolerate nothing less. Yet should I have to choose one to place emphasis on, it would be communication. Its vitality is reflected in the fact that it appears in the most unseemly of places: facial expressions, our clothing, body language, music, art, hugs, even how we spend money – they all act as a means of communication from us to the outside world. To translate your sentiments through your poetic mastery of the English language via this platform that Soulful Expressions provides… it’s beautiful!

    Praying for you and believing in you…
    Anthony J. Pierce

    P.s. Let me show my color: anthonyjpierce.wordpress.com LMBO

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