Maria sat at the crowded bar sipping on an apple martini, hoping it would calm her nerves.  First dates always made her nervous. “Excuse me, is anyone sitting here?” Maria turned to see a stunning brunette performing a balancing act with a purse in one hand and a glass in the other. It looked as … Continue reading Coffee

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

We need to talk. The time has come for us to part ways. It’s not you, it’s me. At first, lying in bed all day, watching television, and only leaving the house when we ran out of cereal and tissue was fun, but I can’t keep living my life like this anymore; waiting for something … Continue reading Breaking Up is Hard to Do

A Date With Destiny

Michael Robinson never believed much in fate or destiny for that matter. He did however believe that if a person wanted more out of life, than it was up to them to make it happen. But despite all his planning, his life would soon be changed in a way that even he couldn't have imagined. … Continue reading A Date With Destiny

It Comes Naturally

As Frank approached the diner, he heard a loud commotion coming from a side alley. He slowed down to take a look and saw a woman being mugged by two young boys who couldn’t have been more than sixteen. Then woman began to scream for help as the two vandals took off and were running towards him. Seeing as how his new persona, Franklin Jones, had recently resigned from the secret service due to being shot in the field and tired of being on desk duty, he crouched low and prepared to tackle the teenagers as they ran past him. And somehow he managed to grab the one carrying the purse, and swung him into the brick wall of the building. He struggled to get free as he screamed profanities as he watched his friend leave him behind. But his slender frame was no match for the six foot four and two hundred twenty pound body restraining him.