Stealing Joy

Debra and Meg sat in silence as they watched the seagulls hover above the clear blue water and then dive into it with perfect precision. The wind carried traces of laughter from children playing nearby, while their harried parents corralled them into their arms one by one, in an effort to pack up and leave. … Continue reading Stealing Joy

In rememberance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

All across the nation today, parades and celebrations are being held in honor of the great activist, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and I thought not only was it appropriate, but necessary to write a few words in remembrance of his legacy. Although today is a national holiday, we should remember what he stood for, … Continue reading In rememberance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Welcome Home

He sat in his favorite chair and shinned his shoes until he could see his reflection in them. A sure tell, tell sign he was going somewhere that required him to look his best. We stood in the door way and giggled as we watched him comb through his closet that contained hundreds of suits, … Continue reading Welcome Home