Let’s make a movie!

Lights, camera, action! I'm producing my 1st short film and need your help to make it a success. “Angela's Awakening” follows a woman who feels as though her life is falling apart right before her eyes. After losing her job, failing at being a stay at home mom and not living up to her expectations … Continue reading Let’s make a movie!

5 Signs you’re dealing with a hater

  Tonight, I'm going to share with you five sure ways to spot a hater, because sometimes, you just want to be sure that it really is them trippin' and not you. I overheard a very interesting, or better yet annoying conversation while at dinner tonight. I was sitting at the bar next to three young men … Continue reading 5 Signs you’re dealing with a hater

Laughter is good for the soul

I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about today, but then while texting with a friend, he made a joke that I don't really think he knew I'd get. It was a reference to the hit television show, Sienfeld.  And as I laughed at his joke about not giving me any soup, because he … Continue reading Laughter is good for the soul