Let them eat cake!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the wedding of one of my dearest friends, who I've known since college. The ceremony was small and intimate, and the reception was beautiful as well as elegant. We partied on the rooftop overlooking the ocean and even though it had rained most of the day, the sky … Continue reading Let them eat cake!

It could all be so simple

In my last blog post, Finding love and blueberry bagels, I mentioned how I've been sensing God in everything that I do. And one of the examples that I gave, was the untangling of my necklaces and earrings that tend to wrapped up in one another since I don't have a proper jewelry box to … Continue reading It could all be so simple

It’s Never to Late For Now

It’s Wednesday, the week is almost over, and for that I am thankful. I went to church on Sunday to recharge my batteries so to speak, and to prepare for another week. Monday was actually a pretty good day, then yesterday, for a lack of a better term, crap hit the fan. I won’t bore … Continue reading It’s Never to Late For Now

Destined for Greatness

  Today started out just like any other day,  me dreading going into work, unsure of what was waiting for me other than drama. As I fought against the negative thoughts that were beginning to consume me, I knew I needed to do something to lift my spirits before all was lost. After I ended … Continue reading Destined for Greatness

Shut Up and Listen

Well, it’s Monday and I am fighting the end of the weekend blues. Mondays are always hectic for me because I have to return phone calls and emails from students who ran into problems over the weekend with submitting assignments and what not. So, an hour into my work day, I spoke with a student … Continue reading Shut Up and Listen

Hollywood Can Wait

Jason could hear their voices, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Their words all sounded like muffled moans and groans he couldn’t escape as he moved through the crowded room. He tried to avoid eye contact with anyone for fear they would stop to tell him how sorry they were for his loss, … Continue reading Hollywood Can Wait

Reorganized Priorities

Journey stood in front of the mirror, running her hands over her yellow sundress.  No matter how hard she tried to get the wrinkles out, they kept reappearing.  She gave up and began to fidget with her hair. “You look beautiful.”  Bruce stood and watched his wife from the doorway as she combed her hair … Continue reading Reorganized Priorities

God Winked At Me

God winked at me. Yes, you heard me correctly, tonight, God winked at me. This is not something that I normally do. I don't usually blog about my day or my personal life. When I post a blog, it's usually about a story that I have just finished writing and want to share with the … Continue reading God Winked At Me

Welcome Home

He sat in his favorite chair and shinned his shoes until he could see his reflection in them. A sure tell, tell sign he was going somewhere that required him to look his best. We stood in the door way and giggled as we watched him comb through his closet that contained hundreds of suits, … Continue reading Welcome Home