Laughter is good for the soul

I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about today, but then while texting with a friend, he made a joke that I don't really think he knew I'd get. It was a reference to the hit television show, Sienfeld.  And as I laughed at his joke about not giving me any soup, because he … Continue reading Laughter is good for the soul

Black girls rock!

Sunday night, "Black Girls Rock" award show aired and apparently, it was awesome! I feel  bad for not watching it, but I'm not really into watching award shows.  I know I need to do better because this one showcases positive images of black women doing what we do best, which is being awesome! We aren't … Continue reading Black girls rock!

On Scandal: Why the sistahs love it so much

  Every Thursday night, my Facebook newsfeed overflows with posts about Shonda Rhimes’ new hit television series, Scandal, now in its second season on ABC.   Like black women all over America, I wait with bated breath to see what Fitz, the President of the United States, will do to win back the love of his … Continue reading On Scandal: Why the sistahs love it so much

Show no fear

"Courage brings change. But with fear, things stay the same."- Melvin Davis A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about my motto for 2012, which is, See it, Believe it, and Achieve it. in the article I discussed the vision board that I am currently working on and laying out a design for my … Continue reading Show no fear

Where He goes, I’ll follow

I feel like my brain is having a melt down. For the past 48 hours, I have been scouring the internet looking for writing contests and grants for writers hoping to put my new found freedom to good use. I say new found freedom because I was recently fired from a job that I strongly … Continue reading Where He goes, I’ll follow

One Date at a Time

My boyfriend and I broke up in February of this year, and I didn’t think it had been that long until someone asked me and I mistakenly said I’ve been single for about six months. Then when I did the math, I realized that I was wrong, and it was closer to 10. I honestly … Continue reading One Date at a Time