The best is yet to come!

As I sit here and type this post, I am trying to figure out where September went. It flew by, just like I said it would. In less than 3 weeks, I will be moving to Atlanta to further purse my writing career and in less than 2 weeks, I'll be sending my final payment … Continue reading The best is yet to come!

You Say He’s Just A Friend

Has being friends with an ex, ever cause problems in your current relationship? Check out this excerpt from, A Life Less Interrupted,when Sharice's current boyfriend, Kevin, and her ex, Jamar, finally tell each other what's really on their minds. Teaser (Excerpt) When Kevin saw Jamar enter the chapel, he politely excused himself and made a … Continue reading You Say He’s Just A Friend

Just Say No

Eyes lock from across the room He smiles, causing you to swoon Drinks are purchased increasing the flirtation You’ve never seen a man so beautiful So when he promises you a night of unbridled passion You throw caution to wind because you’re single And he’s more than ready to mingle He’ll be your mister right, … Continue reading Just Say No